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Global insights and analysis for industry professionals

Invest with conviction, plan future strategy and mitigate risks with our independent macroeconomic and geopolitical insights—empowering a range of teams across global industries.

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Optimise your business strategy

Through our award-winning forecasts, analysis and expert speakers, we enable senior strategy leaders to make sense of the complex global business environment and stay ahead of competitors.

Add clarity to your business planning 

Enhance your strategy with EIU’s trusted economic and political forecasts for up to 200 countries. We also produce supply and demand forecasts for 95% of global output, including 25 essential commodities. These forecasts can be downloaded into your internal planning models using our interactive data tool.

Explore the trends shaping tomorrow’s world

Stay informed about the trends affecting the global economy and geopolitics with our long-form thematic analysis and forecasts to 2050. Our robust articles outline how global and regional trends will impact your markets and investments, enabling you to develop effective strategic responses.

Expert boardroom briefings

Empower your decision-making with a speaking engagement from one of EIU’s subject-matter experts, available for boardroom briefings. Focusing on a particular country, industry or topic, these sessions are tailored to align with your strategic objectives.

Mitigate emerging risks

Operational risk

EIU’s analysts score the economic, geopolitical and regulatory challenges of doing business in the world’s major markets to determine a country’s operational risk level. From frequent updates highlighting rating changes to a future scenario watchlist, we enable risk management teams to identify supply-chain weaknesses and stress test investment portfolios.

Credit risk

Strengthen your credit risk assessment process with our financial risk data—rating countries on sovereign, currency and banking indicators and hard-to-find political factors. Based on a robust framework, you can download and incorporate our standardised country-risk data into your models.

Reputational risk

Track geopolitical events that could damage your organisation’s reputation. In addition to monitoring economic, political and policy developments for up to 200 countries, we produce country-level ESG ratings. These empower organisations to invest in markets that align with their values and comply with new policy regulations.

Insights that guide investment decisions

Our macroeconomic and geopolitical insights enable portfolio managers to minimise risk to current investments, optimise asset allocation and pinpoint new markets of opportunity.

Monitor market volatility

Reduce threats to existing holdings with access to macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis for up to 200 countries. Combined with market-leading credit and operational risk data, we provide investment teams with a concise understanding of the implications that events have across major asset classes.

Spot new opportunities

Make investment decisions that bring immediate and long-term value to your portfolio. We correctly forecast market-moving events—often against the consensus. This provides our investment management clients with a headstart in identifying new areas for growth.

Inform your long-term investment strategy

Amid a volatile global backdrop, plan for the future with conviction by using our long-term macroeconomic, industry and commodity forecasts and data series. This will enable you to build a picture of the risks facing your portfolio in the medium-to-long term.

Powerful operational risk management

Our geopolitical forecasts, analysis and risk ratings enable supply chain and procurement professionals to understand the operating environment in their countries of interest.

Anticipate operational risks

From component sourcing to production and transportation, foresee events that could impact each stage of your supply chain cycle. We produce country-level operational risk scores in 70 subcategories, future scenario watchlists and events-driven geopolitical analysis to keep you informed about potential threats.

Explore new markets

Identify alternative production hubs or add resilience to existing operations with EIU’s Business Environment Rankings. Our rankings clearly outline each country’s policy towards private enterprise and foreign investment, tax regulation, labour costs and technological readiness.

Explore the world’s largest emerging marketInvestigate operating costs, infrastructure development and labour markets in China. EIU’s Access China service produces the only single source of data, analysis and forecasts for the world’s largest emerging market at provincial and city levels.

Implement effective sustainability strategies

We enable sustainability officers to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns in their value chain and investment portfolio with our country-level ratings.

Impact investing

ESG data can be subjective and disjointed. Our robust ratings for 150 countries, drawing on 90 indicators, enable organisations and sustainability teams to track ESG factors in their portfolio. They can also identify markets with strong sustainability credentials today and areas of improvement and financial gain in the long-term.

Add sustainability to your supply chain

Whether it’s labour-market practices or decarbonisation, ensure that every stage of your value chain meets stringent ESG criteria. Our ESG ratings cover 95% of global output and are accompanied by frequent updates from our country analysts explaining recent score changes and their implications.

Influence change

Make informed decisions for your organisation or influence foreign policy by leveraging our sustainability research, data and analysis. We analyse how drivers of sustainability are evolving worldwide with our ESG ratings and business environment rankings tools.

Realise new growth opportunities

Our insights enable business development divisions to identify new markets to operate in, lend to and advance trade relationships.

Expand your horizons

Our wide-ranging analysis and data fuels new business opportunities. The demographic, regulatory and macroeconomic intelligence included in our Business Environment Rankings enable multinational organisations to identify suitable markets for expansion. Our unrivalled financial risk ratings provide banks with an outlook of the lending environment in 131 markets.

Build strategic partners

We enable executive agencies to build positive global relations that align with their country’s strategic objectives. Our in-depth analysis of a country’s economic stability, existing bilateral relations and policy stances on critical geopolitical issues enables government departments to influence foreign policy and empower local businesses.

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