Government and public-sector insights

We provide a range of government departments with leading macroeconomic, geopolitical and policy insights for nearly 200 countries.

Our intelligence enables government institutions to:

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Support local companies overseas

Our comprehensive country analysis and forecasts empower government departments to efficiently monitor economic, political and policy developments in foreign markets. Stay abreast of important policy and regulation changes that could affect domestic companies’ operations.

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Explore and analyse new markets

Identify where to develop trade relations next. Our Business Environment Rankings enable you to compare the risks and opportunities between 82 major economies.

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Attract foreign direct investment

Compare your country’s openness to international investment against global competitors. Our data and analysis enable governments to benchmark policy towards private enterprise, foreign trade, financial regulations, technological readiness, infrastructure and labour market practices.

Maintain economic growth

Understand how global macroeconomic and geopolitical events will affect your country’s economy. Alongside top-level economic overviews, we provide in-depth fiscal and monetary policy analysis for nearly 200 countries.

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Direct foreign policy

Stay one step ahead of foreign policy dynamics. Our operational risk data and scenario watchlist empowers our clients to formulate timely responses to international developments and understand the possible impact to the domestic economy.

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Strengthen international relations

Identify new markets to build relations with and uncover areas for collaboration with our country and industry analysis.

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Support domestic companies overseas, maintain economic growth and strengthen international relations with our leading analysis and forecasts.

Central banks

Maintain macroeconomic stability and understand how similar economies are reacting to global developments by comparing fiscal and monetary policy across nearly 200 countries.

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Use our market-leading geopolitical analysis, data and risk scenario watchlists to understand the impact of international developments on the security of your country.

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Equip embassy staff with economic, political and policy expertise from our country specialists. Prepare your team ahead of engagements with foreign delegations, highlight future trade opportunities and mitigate threats.

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Stay informed about geopolitical threats to energy security, explore leading consumption and pricing forecasts, and benchmark net-zero policy commitments with our comprehensive industry insights.

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Use country-level macroeconomic forecasts and data to anticipate challenges to the local, regional and global economy, and formulate policy responses based on trusted insights.

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Foreign affairs

Our independent risk insights uniquely intersect economics, politics and policy to ensure foreign affairs departments stay informed about critical international developments.



We provide reliable macroeconomic data and proprietary political risk indicators to non-governmental organisations, empowering them to identify and pre-screen new investment projects in nearly 200 countries.

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Empower local businesses to succeed internationally and identify markets for trade development using our critical political and economic country insights.

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Import-export banks

Effectively manage your credit risk exposure with access to financial data for 131 countries and market-leading forecasts.

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Gain insight on emerging economies

Stay ahead of critical developments with our comprehensive coverage of emerging markets and countries where you don’t have embassies.

Understand the impact of global political shifts

Anticipate changing political dynamics, and ensure you are prepared for the effects.

Make informed policy decisions

Our extensive data and analysis empowers governments and multilaterals to develop effective policy.

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