Market intelligence solutions

The world’s leading organisations rely on our subscription and consultancy services to keep them informed about the world and what it will look like tomorrow.

Our solutions help you to:

Monitor economic and geopolitical developments – providing a holistic view to enable comparisons of performance and market conditions
Icon of a globe behind a magnifying glass enclosed in a circleForecast future macro events – helping you understand how these might impact asset valuations and investment attractiveness
Measure risk – anticipating potential challenges to economies, and their impact on supply chains, overseas operations, commodity prices and markets
Identify market entry strategies and explore business opportunities – enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Our Solutions

Whether through off-the-shelf reports, bespoke data services, or our flexible consultancy offerings, we can offer you support in the way that best suits your strategic objectives.

Our trusted information, the way you want it

We deliver our insight in the way you need it. From briefings delivered in your boardroom to the latest data available in your information portal.