Insights for the education sector

From Ivy League colleges to the world’s leading business schools, The Economist Intelligence Unit is trusted by academic institutions for our accurate forecasts and intelligence to support their curriculum and inform their research.

How we help academic institutions

We help our university and business school clients to meet the requirements of their curriculum by providing a custom information collection tailored to their needs. This gives students and academics access to our global business intelligence service to inform their outlook on current events that are reshaping our world.

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Align with course requirements

The EIU’s country and industry analysis enables you to provide and manage learning resources that match with the university curriculum and student needs. With regularly updated content, we help you to keep your collection current and to work with faculty staff to get this information into their coursework as recommended reading.

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Access worldwide economic data

The EIU provides you with instant access to macro-economic analysis for 203 countries, with historical data back to 1980 and forecasts out to 2050. This gives your students insights on what’s happening around the world and the global economy, with in-depth country analysis and information on GDP figures, interest rates, currencies and demographics.

Manage budgets and resources

We will help you to utilise your resources more efficiently, show you how to streamline processes and use all EIU content on one interface. This will help you to produce a cost-benefit analysis, matching the EIU collection with your current curriculum and student coursework for all the different programs that you have at the university.

Prepare students for their careers

Our market leading resources bring together insightful analysis, forecasts and data, covering every aspect of a country’s macroeconomic landscape. The EIU is used as a resource and subscribed to by governments, banks and major companies in the corporate world. It will give your students a head start when looking for jobs because they will already be familiar with the resources being used.

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Develop student skills

As business schools and universities increasingly focus on developing students’ practical skills, such as how to analyse data, we can support this area of their education by helping you to show them how to examine and assess different information types.

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Ensure regular usage

Once you have invested in an information or library resource, it is important that students use it frequently and derive benefit from it. We help to improve the usage statistics by promoting our products as one of the library’s resources to your students and by offering student and faculty training to show how to use, and best utilise our resources.

Finding the best solution for your needs

Analyst visits

Raise awareness of the EIU by benefiting from visits from our analysts to your university to present and answer questions from faculty members and students.

Easy to use, customisable resources

Engage students with charts, infographics and dashboards that bring data to life. Our interactive data tools allow you and your students to search, select, display and download content from our country and city-level resources.

Industry coverage

Our industry specific analysis and forecasts, covering 95% of world output, allows students and faculty staff to gain in-depth insights into fields that are relevant to their research.

Recent insights

Browse our latest insights related to multinational businesses and corporations, including free reports, webinars, videos and case studies.

Recommended products

The EIU has products to help academic institutions to be more efficient.

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