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Insightful analysis to monitor and track threats and identify potential new markets to improve business operations and enhance supply chains across countries

How we help multinational businesses and corporations

From manufacturers and industrial companies, to energy, FMCG and business services firms, we help corporations to understand the ways in which the world is changing and how to take advantage of the opportunities that creates. By monitoring risks across markets, we identify potential threats which can affect current business operations or future strategy, to avoid expensive mistakes.

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Analyse and manage risks

We help you to identify, assess and mitigate risks and threats to your operations in many countries, including a risk scenario watchlist for 120 countries. Our analysis will tell you about the most critical risks, with probability scores providing an evaluation of the impact of risk scenarios so you know the key ones to look out for. Our service is updated daily in response to events that affect our assessment of operating risk in a particular country, so you never miss any important risk change that could affect your business.

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Optimise supply chains

By enabling you to compare business operating environments, we help you to foresee how to allocate and balance supply chain sourcing across several countries, with assessments of political stability, climate change, long term economic forecasts and future trade policy. We rank country operations in order, from least risky to most risky for maximum profit. Use this to take advantage of financial and tax incentives and enter markets with greater efficiency.

Improve supplier management

We help you understand the business environment for suppliers and assess whether they will be able to continue production in the right quantities and the right price. Our analysts will explain the nuances of each country’s regulations with regards to conducting business, tax regulation, labour cost and attitude to investment ownership. We help you to anticipate potential threats or disruptions to your supply chains and operations overseas so that you can alert and guide existing suppliers.

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Assess new markets

Our analysis compares each country’s business operating environment to help you to identify the best ones to do business in and evaluate opportunities versus risks. We combine our political and economic analysis with assessments of business conditions on the ground, to determine a country’s operational risk level and rank countries. This includes its economic outlook and regulatory environment covering tax policy, labour market flexibility, currency risk and foreign exchange controls.

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Understand economic growth factors

Our in-depth demographic, income, and expenditure forecasts can be used as a foundation for making informed strategic decisions, such as verifying that a new service or product has a market in certain countries. We help you with market sizing by comprehensive coverage of consumer demographics, business environment economic and consumer-related factors that can impact market potential across 200 countries, specialising in emerging markets.

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Stay ahead of competitors

Once operating in a country, our analysis enables you to keep up to date with market changes. Realities on the ground change quickly, and for an international business to stay ahead of the local and global competition, continual monitoring of macro-economic indicators is essential. We help you to stay informed and provide you with curated risk metrics data and forecasts to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Finding the best solution for your needs

Keep up to date with key developments

From natural disasters to political events, we keep you informed of the latest international developments that can impact the business environment in your key markets.

Consistent methodology

Our systematic approach, by drawing together a large number of indicators into a uniform format, enables you to easily compare and contrast data across countries.

Emerging market expertise

Our extensive network of analysts and local contributors provide invaluable insights on frontier and emerging markets, so that you can evaluate risks even in remote and challenging environments.

How the pandemic changed the global economy

Our latest report highlights key forecasts for the post-pandemic global economy, looking at what is next for labour markets, taxes, fiscal sustainability, monetary policy, as well as long-term growth and key risks.

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