EIU values

The foundations of our business

As part of The Economist Group, we strive to uphold the same standards and values as our sister publication. Our success is built upon high-quality, independent analysis.


Our reputation is our brand. Delivering excellence in everything we do, the pursuit of accuracy, innovation and tight quality control is fundamental to the production of all our products and services. Our success is built upon high-quality, independent analysis.


Editorial independence lies at the heart of The EIU, ensuring that all of our products and services are impartial and unbiased. Furthermore, The Economist Group is a completely independent organisation, with the constitution not permitting any individual or organisation to gain a majority shareholding.


We operate our business ethically and strive to do things the right way, taking responsibility for our work. We have high standards, with fairness, honesty and trust underpinning our actions, behaviours and relationships.


We are a global business, with staff, offices and clients in many countries across the world. We have broad minds and a multi-cultural outlook, producing analysis and insight on almost every country in the world. We have no national loyalties.

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Sense of purpose

We take pleasure in our work, endeavouring to produce and deliver products and services which make a difference. We aim to maintain and strengthen The EIU’s reputation as the world’s most authoritative and influential provider of insight and analysis.

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We listen to our clients and strive to understand their needs, which is essential to developing effective products and services. Through our work we analyse facts and present our conclusions, thereby enabling our clients to execute better strategies as a result.

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